Execution in beginning,
makes advancing years comfortable.
It is known to us that investing is the perfect and finest way to boost up our money and it also benefits to establish an opportunity for huge cashflow. But electing an ideal investment at the ideal time is very crucial.

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We created our products with the motive of you having an ideal investment at the right time. Welcome to Makeland Builders, a brilliant, customer friendly business where the customers become “The real Investors”.
We believe in the words spoken by our great Mahatma Gandhi, “ The soul of India lives in its villages”. Heaps of cash are wasted in urban areas, where investment opportunities are already exploited, for establishment of infrastructures, housing projects and so forth. The result for this exploitation is seldom rent occupancy, sales and so on. Its time to look into our country’s beautiful village sides which are vast and rich in investment opportunities.
Calvari Mount, a scenic beauty that rests at the lap of mother nature, is blessed with its marvellous view which anyone would love to witness. It is a famous tourist spot. The hills offer large species of flora and fauna, which play a crucial role in attracting tourists. In addition the area is fully carpeted by the tea estates and vegetation. The place also hosts Idukki wildlife sanctuary, a perfect home to a variety of species like sambars, dears, elephant, bear, tiger, jungle cats, viper and so much more. It is also the habitat for birds like kingfisher, myna, black bulbul, wood pecker, jungle fowl, red horned sparrows, thrush, peafowl and lot more. Destinations like Idukki, Munnar, Thekkadi, Kumali, Marayur, Paruthu para, Pullumedu, Ramakalmedu and Vagamon are nearby. The major speciality about the location is its year- round misty climate where tourists can break free from all stress and smell the real fragrance of mother nature.